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Disclaimer :

Please remember what I'm about to say is solely based on "MY" perception of shit....

In terms of what I've come to realize as TRUTH to ME.

Aiiiiiiight ?!?

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There's  A LOT  I've gotta say.....

Bout to  "FUCK UP" Shit for those who weren't paying attention...

And , about to confirm what some of you were already thinking ?!?


So, in order to keep my thoughts together.....

I'll try to "Itemize" somewhat.


*Peep Game*



( 1.)

Welcome to the "Good Ole' Days"  /  What "Fetish" are you ? 


"The POWER of the World Wide Web"

( I'm sure yáll didn't see it coming...)


Even with something as "IN-YOUR-FACE"


The NEW Sexual Revolution ?

(  Completely executed right from your "Desktops" )

hittin it from da back.gif (103538 bytes)


Well, some of  U did....I apparently ?!?!

In any event , things are VERY DIFFERENT...now

LOVE   it , actually.

Cause,  I'm ALIVE at the turn of the century.....

Just watching this "Whole Shit" happen.



The Technology we're using today....in conjunction with


( depending on where U sit wit it )




The "Internet" alone has GOT TO BE the Deepest thing to most folks.

( cause , if U think about it )

The very concept of a "Deity" being able to be in more than ONE PLACE at-a-time ,

is not un-like the power of "The NET" being able to reach folks in that same manner


astro clown.gif (158356 bytes)


Cause , NOW.......U can talk to people from.....












As long as you're on THAT Portal ?!?


Don't be fooled :

There isn't a distribution company alive,  with THIS type of reach.

( unless, they too... are ONLINE )

The "Porn" folks may have tapped into this power, early on.

Otherwise ?   

How does one explain the replacement of the ol' Skool : "WHAT's YO SIGN ?"

with  todays :

"What's YOUR Fetish ?!?" 



And , mind U... the Reason I said : "Good Ole' Days?" 

Well , in 15-20 yrs. it's gonna be WAAAAY  "DEEPER" out there....than it is...Today.

Hence :  These ARE The Good Ole' Days.


Actually, this sorta got started in the 80's....when alot of Parents forgot that the "E.T." video

was NOT the last tape in those newfangled VCR machines, from the night before...

Ooops ?

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( 2.)

I'd like to talk about :

Three WISE Men of the last 50yrs. !


First up :



The Television industry was new....so was He & his wife's show.

Mr. Arnaz wanted to shoot the show on FILM...

*Which at the time was not only un-heard of , but VERY EXPENSIVE.*

Lucy & Desi.jpg (10512 bytes)


The Execs at CBS were like : "No, unless YOU want to pay for it?"

And, Mr. Arnaz having the FORESIGHT said : "If  I DO...I'll OWN the FILM, Right? "


desilu BLACK.png (74221 bytes)


( Needless to say, the industry woke the Fuck Up ....QUICK ...after that )

Mr. Arnaz   =  "GAME"



anidice.gif (5086 bytes)






He gave away a cd last year....

And, because it was bundled in with the "Price of the Ticket ?"

It HAD to go on record as :   A  SALE !

( He was gonna give that cd to er'body , ANYWAY ?!? )

Prince along with David Bowie & Peter Gabriel

had embraced the InterNet , YEARS AGO ...

Prince ALREADY KNEW that music was gonna be Free.

Mr. Nelson = "GAME"

RIAA claims the music industry loses $4.2 billion worldwide, each year.

( More on that , in a second )



anidice.gif (5086 bytes)


And , Now....Finally


Steve Jobs.jpg (11381 bytes)



The whole "Selling like Hotcakes" thing ?!?

Mr. Jobs was the first to have the foresight for...

The Milleniums 1st Hotcake : "The iPod"

upcloseiPod.jpg (16525 bytes)


The only other products that are STILL "flying off of the shelves"

are a few old favorites from the 20th century :


And, now "Ring Tones"  ( in addition to the cell phone industry )




Some may consider his deal with the Big 5 ( Major Labels ) thru his HUGELY successful


( Which is bascially, the NEW electronic 45 single for 99˘ )

as something that's not-so-ARTIST FRIENDLY after all...

When the math is done.

Here's an "Alternative" look at iTunes-----> CLICK HERE


Mr. Jobs  =   "GAME"





( 3.)

Phonographs : THE TRUTH

Because of Technology....we're back to Square-One, once again.

The very reason for the invention of the phonograph....was to capture a performance. 

( that U may not have been privileged to witness ) 

Which means....alot of the shit that's shoved down your throats via "Payola" etc....

No One would've wasted their time & energy recording some BULLSHIT


So.....Now , that Music is "Virtually" Free ?

It's back to the Truth

U have to actually be able to "Perform" for REAL !

( In order for folks to "Truly" give a damn about spending Time & Money on YOU  )


PRINCE is prolly THE single most important example of this today.

His "MUSICOLOGY TOUR"  had grossed over $100 MILLION  ( or More )

And believe me , Prince went easy on y'alls asses...he could've charged what Madonna did ...

And , would've made more than TWICE that much !


But, He Did it ...Based on ONE TRUTH : 

Being able to  "DO IT " fo Reelz !!!

PRINCE has a "History" of Giving you whatcha paid for...

Prince LEAP TOO.jpg (17098 bytes)


It's not "Rocket" Science....





( 4.)


To  fellow "Artists"  &  Performers....

Regarding Recording :

I'm sorry to break this to y'all ...


IF you're NOT trying to record something we haven't heard ?

What's the Point ?

Press the STOP button


PLEASE understand that a Recording.... in THIS day & age.....

Is merely a "Flyer" for your upcoming event  :


( "underground promotion" folks know what I mean by "Flyer" )


I'm always baffled when I hear kats say : "I'm working on my new cd"


( And, I mean Kats that have been in the GAME for years )

I can't believe that most of them still.... DON'T GET IT ?



Record Stores & Labels are disappearing & merging as I type.


The Most "Honest" of  People WILL use the technology...

*Downloading when no one is watching*

Even just to see if they "Might" want to support your new shit.




The  SONY / BMG  blunder....

From "Yahoo News"

"The world's second-largest music label surreptitiously included spyware on millions of CDs through
technology known as XCP. That technology, included on 52 Sony BMG titles, could leave computers
vulnerable to hackers"


Downloading  &  The French :

From "Reuters"

PARIS - A French government crackdown on digital piracy backfired Thursday as lawmakers rebelled
by endorsing amendments to legalize the online sharing of music and movies instead of punishing
it.   they were making folks Under the original proposal , if YOU were caught pirating copy-protected material would have faced
$360,000 in fines and up to three years in jail.   Instead, the amendments voted would legalize file-sharing by
anyone paying a monthly royalties duty estimated at $8.50.


So,  if  it's....

"Wack - ahead - of - time ?"

( Which is now known as : The "Leaked" advance  )


wack ahead of time.gif (375723 bytes)


Don't Bother.

JUST....STOP  !!



U have TRUE supporters of your Music , who will HONESTLY BUY your shit  !

Er'body says they're gonna "Buy it" on tuesday....

Cause,  it's a "Cardinal Sin" on message boards to actually admit they downloaded

their "Dick-riden" artist that they claim to "Ride & Die" ( an internet death ) for.


And , NEVER Forget :

Message board celebs are only as powerful.....

as YOUR ability to prove their Endorsements / Hate to be  :  



chatty cathy  .gif (1986426 bytes)


The only artists that will REALLY be hurt by "File sharing"

are those who CANNOT TOUR anymore .....


Those who Had no Business in the Game to begin with !



Cause , if You STILL Got IT ....  

( or EVER "HAD" IT ) 

You're prolly still in the game, making loot.... Regardless of CD sales


Truthfully ?

Record Labels have ALWAYS screwed Artists outta their royalties for decades.

Claiming there's "No Receipts"

Well , for the 1st time in history....

Dey Asses are FINALLY telling the Truth !!!



My Suggestion :

Concentrate on THE TRUTH !

Making sure Your Show is worthy of someone spending the time & money

it takes to support your work.








( 5.)

The Beginning of the End :

MTV's contribution to the world of music ?

Enter....THIS MAN

"Bob Pittman"

The Creator of MTV.

Which MOST Music Lovers may view as....

Depending on your perspective.


Bare in mind :

This is the SAME company that was pressured to play MJ's "Billie Jean"   ?!?

Which I'm sure was the Primary reason for that album's success.


Let's Be REAL...

Michael Jackson was the 1st & only Negro in Rotation


It's deep when "Ed Sullivan" can put MJ on at 11yrs. old...

And, they...  ( MTV ) had a problem with it 13yrs. later ?

ed & MJ.jpg (44843 bytes)


So much so....that the president of CBS threatened to snatch

"ALL" of their artists ( Journey, Men at Work  etc. )

If MTV didn't play MJ's video ?!?!


*CBS / Columbia had more than 90% of all MTV's most popular artists & vids at the time*


mtvee'd.jpg (30421 bytes)


Note: "MJ" also serves as a euphemism for BLACK ARTISTS in general...


Shit got  Flipped  didn't it ?



"Laffable Taffy"





( 6.)

Eternal  Thanks....

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I've been so wrapped up in so many things...

That I forgot to express my deepest appreciation.


So Far, thanks to All of YOU....who came here....in the last 4 years

( Myspace...I see you )

We're at  6.4 Million hits & counting !!

" Thank y'all "


6.4  & counting....


Much LOVE to

All of the Musicians   &  "Smart-Girls" who stuck by me.

And continue to....


ALL TALK.gif (788923 bytes)


Aiiiight , I'm Thru...



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